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Welcome to the products demo site for our Community Builder Products.


Experience every product and gain the confidence of moving ahead with it.

How to Use the Demo Site

  • Use "Login Details" to login as different Users created to give you the best demo experience.
  • You can create new users as well but we reset demo data every hour so any data saved or users created will be lost.
  • Browse to the extension you are interested in using the Menu. Each extension has a landing page with basic information about it & instructions on how to see the demo.

 Frontend Login Details

Clicking on the Login link against each user will take you to the login form with the user name, password pre filled. All you need to do is click on the login button on that page to login. 

Login Details

Administrator Login Details

You can check the admin areas of the extensions by accessing the Admin area using the logins below:

  • admin1/admin1
  • admin2/admin2

** Note that the demo data including all user accounts is refreshed every hour to maintain the demos in the correct form.

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